Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Group Sketchbook Too?

Well with about six months of prep time, we managed to assemble a group sketchbook for the San Diego Comic Con in about 2 days! The good folks at RapidPod quickly assembled it and it is en route as we speak! This will be exclusive to the San Diego Comic Con next week, a supplies are limited.
The book: An InCONvienient Booth -or- How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Con (see if you can find the secret 3rd title on the book!) features art by Tom Bryski, Joe Feliciano, Bill Halliar, Melly Curphy, Felipe Smith (also his cover) and myself.

Come by table E-6 and get some! It's the table with about 43 artists crammed behind an eight foot table (we were screwed out of our second table).
Don't forget to pick up a copy or three of Gorilla Salad (see below) and I'll have some prints available as well.