Thursday, October 13, 2005

Playin' with a brush pen:


That shirt says otherwise, Zod!

Captain Marvel doodle.


Darryl Young said...

You have a thing for ducks don't you? Glad to see you're now part of the mighty blog nation, cool stuff! Especially like the Zod fashion statement, that was always my favorite Supes movie.
Where on earth did you get the lyrics to the Super Skrull song? Has this actually been recorded? Not only was it totally cool, but I thought I was the only person who knew who Arnim Zola was! (Who I must draw soon now).
See ya' at the Sketchbook seesion.

Darryl Young said...

Thanks for the song info Qwack-Man!

LOOCH said...

The Zod sketch is F'n hilarious!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Zod: I win...I always win ! Great pic !!! :)