Thursday, June 08, 2006

My Sketchbook Proof is Here!!

And it looks awesome!!
The actual sketchbook will be softcover and if all goes well it will be here in a few short days.
If we ever get approved for our table at the San Diego Comic Con it will be available there as well as some nifty prints n' stuff.
For those who can't attend or if we get screwed out of our table the books will hopefully be available for sale online as soon as next week! Aren't you lucky?

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K McLeod said...

Congrads Bob, can't wait to get a copy. I myself am sticking close to home at the chicago comic con but I hope you get your table.


Animal Qwacker said...

Thanks, Kevin!
At this point, I have no plans for a table at Wizardworld. That would depend if I happen to get invited to join at table or not.

Neato! said...

Hey, Bob! Long time no see. This looks ultra cool! I'll have to get me one'a these! Also, I had a question. I remember you saying, during a sketchbook session oh so long ago, that there were some figure drawing sessions in Ravenswood on Wednesday. Would you happen to have any more info on it? Thanks and good luck with the sales!


Jav said...

Good shit BOB!
Just gettin back from a little artistic slump (at the worst time might I add), so I'm catching up here...
Trying to get a shitty sketch book together myself... lotta work left though...
Great news about the tables at the CON!!! Viva Diego!
I'll be at Bar Louie if its still on...
Sees ya!