Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tiki Update & Comics News

First, here's a quick update on the Tiki piece I've been working on between everything else and trying to assemble the "Peeking Duck" sketchbook in time for con.

In just a couple weeks (June 8th??) Devil's Due will be publishing a book called Ninja Town featuring Wee Ninjas.

I did vector cleanup over the layouts of a 10 page story by the Energizer bunny known as Art Baltazar

Also joining the fray for a couple Baltazarian tales is the oval seat warmer known as Bill Halliar

Check it out, won't you?


D Malott said...

Hey followed your blog link via the Drawing Board. I REALLY like your tiki piece!! Thats awesome!! Was curious where you do your line work and coloring? Is that PS Illi or flash? Anyways good stuff ALL around. Keep it up.

Animal Qwacker said...

Thanks man!
That's all Illustrator. Much more flexible drawing tools than Flash. although I haven't fully explored all of the CS3 version yet.
Thanks again!