Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jay Garrick Flash and Hawkgirl


Kevin Mcleod said...

Looks like your a fan of the golden age comics. One question for the flash drawing, shouldn't we beable to see flashes left leg or in that pose does the leg forshorten to the point that the torso hides it. I ask because I'm horriable at figure drawing and try each day to improve and your one of the artist I admire and check out to give me insperation to keep at it when I fall short in a drawing.

Animal Qwacker said...

It's a foreshortening/perspective thing. The pose is about 3/4 top down, plus the leg is going back.
A couple things that help are posing in a mirror, using photo references or the super posable action figures come in handy from time to time.

Kevin Mcleod said...

Thanks for the info well deffently give it a try. Have fun at comic con. Hope to be there next year.